Seoul Sights- Yeouido Hangang Park

Yeouido is a large island in the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. It is Seoul’s main business and investment banking district. The island is located in the Yeongdeungpo-gu district of Seoul, and contains the National Assembly Building, the 63 Building, and the headquarters of LG, KBS, and MBC to name a few. But what I love about this island is the public parks within the island, most notably the Han River Public Park and the Yeouido Park. I was unfortunate to be unable to see the cherry blossoms bloom in mid-April but if you’re lucky enough, it is truly beautiful. I spent many days here, mostly because it was close to home and on hot afternoons, relaxing by the river is very refreshing and cool.


I rented a bike from there and rode along the Han River which was also very relaxing and affordable to be honest (about 3,000KWN/hr). Riding it along the designated bike trail along the river both directions is a really great way for some exercise and some fresh air on a warm day. You can also board the Han River cruise here that sails along the river all the way to Jamsil. The Han River is a popular spot for locals and couples, and even for tourists alike.  Popular activities include chicken and beer (there will be many ahjummas/ahjussis handing out flyers, just call and it will be delivered to where you are); biking, water sports, kites, frisbee, and setting up a picnic or a tent.


Of all the places around Seoul, this is in my top three favourite spots especially on a hot summer day and you’re looking to escape the heat and humidity. There are also tandem bikes available for rent for couples, a great family park for picnics and barbecues, and wading pools in the fountains are especially busy on weekends. Don’t forget to bring your tent and lawn chairs like the locals who enjoy spending the whole day at the park with family and friends.