Seoul Sights- Namsan

Namsan also known as “South Mountain” (262m) features the N Seoul Tower (236m), the highest point in the city of Seoul and offers residents and tourists an unmatched panoramic view of the city. It also offers hiking, recreational activities and work out machines during the day for citizens, and is a very popular location for couples, once the sunsets at night.


I remember the first time visiting Seoul via a group tour, Namsan Park was the first place we stopped at, as our flight had arrived early in the morning at 6AM from Hong Kong. We were dropped off by our bus to explore the park and hike up the hill towards the towering N Seoul Tower. It offers a beautiful trail flanked with green trees and flowers and numerous older citizens exercising and hiking along early in the morning.


On my second visit to Seoul, I wanted to re-explore Namsan Park, but at night this time. Also, instead of hiking or taking the bus up the trail, I chose the cable car (8,000KWN) this time. There are long waits especially at night, both ascending and descending from the mountain. During the ride up, riders can enjoy the view of the city as it moves up the mountain.


Once up at Namsan Park, you will see locks of love placed all over trees, and on a fence that lines the terraces below the N Seoul Tower, which symbolizes the love between a couple that their love will never be unlocked. Why? Because they would toss the key over the mountain.  This is similar to the locks of love in Paris, making Namsan Park a top spot for couples dating.


When up on the observatory deck of the N Seoul Tower, it offers a 360 degrees view of the entire city and surrounding areas. I was impressed with the view of the Hangang River at night along with all the sparkly lights from Myeongdong below and even Dongdaemun. Only then do you realize and notice the density and sprawl of this great city.