California Sights- Cars Land, Disney Land

The much anticipated opening of Cars Land was exciting for me and my little cousin being that he has a great admiration for Lightning McQueen and was dressed accordingly. We went on the second day of the park opening and arrived at the park early in the morning and was greeted with the new Buena Vista Street and the new trolley.


All the rides had long line ups, over one hour, but nothing came close to the Radiator Springs Racer, which was nearly two hours long! The first time, my uncle had lined up while we went on the Luigi’s Flying Tires ride where the waiting area featured Luigi’s store as close as seen in the Cars movies. The Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree is also similar to the famous Tea Cup ride where the rider can control the spinning of the Mater’s


The main street of Route 66 is beautifully depicted and is flanked by various restaurants and shops displayed as a motel and gas station. At the end of the street was the City Hall of Radiator Springs.


By the end of the day and night, having lined up for the Radiator Springs for the SECOND time but was WELL worth it, we were all exhausted, especially the kids, but was lucky enough to have a picture with Lightning McQueen himself! I can’t wait to return as the Radiator Springs has become one of my favourite amusement park rides, next to Transformers 3D at Universal Studios.