Hong Kong Sights- Tsim Sha Tsui

Perhaps one of the most iconic and scenic ferry rides found in the world, the Star Ferry carries passengers across Victoria Harbour between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  Founded in 1888, it is still one of the longest continuous running ferry in the world.  Over the years, the ferry ride has shorten in duration, mainly due to the fact that land reclamation of Victoria Harbour during that time.  Aboard the ferry, riders are given a picturesque and mesmerizing view of the skyline on both sides of the harbour with some exceptional views during the nightly Symphony of Lights show where music is harmonious with a light and laser show showcasing the buildings on both sides of the harbour.  Day or night, the ferry ride is a must for all visitors to Hong Kong and with the price of 2 – 3 HKD one way, it is the most affordable method of crossing the harbour.


I am personally a big fan of modern architecture and to have a 360 view of all the tall skyscrapers and apartments that line the harbour, to me, it’s the perfect ferry ride.  However these days, I find that Central Pier requires a lot of walking to either the MRT Station or IFC Mall or any other part of Central, a negative in my opinion from all the land reclamation in recent years.