Available Services

Being passionate about what you love makes living your life that much easier. I am passionate about traveling, and always have been. It’s that simple. Everything about traveling, from the planning, to the eating, to the sightseeing, and to taking photographs of the beautiful sights along the way. So here I am looking to share my passion with you and what I can do for you.

For you, the traveler, I can help you with the following:

Aimed more to the solo or couples travelers based on my experience and for those who are traveling with a limited budget financially or time constraints due to your vacation time from work. Although I am not a certified travel agent, I can do all the work of one without collecting any commission from the airlines, hotel, or anywhere- so I have no bias towards any specific travel-related company with my suggestions below. I find pleasure in the planning process of every trip I take, it excites me and lits the fire in my heart before I even take off from the ground.

  • Developing a day to day itinerary in a easy to follow layout including specific times for flights/trains but the rest is based on your own pace with only a suggested time given for each place to allow flexibility in your exploring
  • Researching method of transportation and detailed directions for budget travelers relying on public transit (bus/subway/train)
  • Searching for flights to fit your needs (price, time, connections, award redemption)
  • Searching for accommodations that fit your needs (travelers’ reviews, price, location)
  • Suggestions on places to visit or see at your destination that may be missed by typical travel guides or based on your interests

Please contact me by email: kevinyeungca@gmail.com for a quote.

For you, in the travel/tourism industry:

Aimed at tour operators, travel suppliers (cruises, flights, hotels, packages, tours), travel agencies and destination marketing offices (cities, provincial/state, country), please consult me with any inquiries you may have. We will discuss with you of your needs, budget, and timeframe for your project. We can help with the following and more:

  • Travel writing/blogging/photography at a reasonable rate per word of $0.15/word and $30/photograph.
  • Market research on your consumers, analyzing your data, finding out who your most valuable customers are (Top 20%) and ways to better reach them and continue your relationship with them
  • Marketing materials and website development, whether you’re looking to create an email template, or revamp your website with updated content, or to create promotional materials for each project/promotion your company has

All services are billed at $25/hour, a minimum of 3 hours charged for each project. Additional services may be available, please email kevinyeungca@gmail.com to enquire.

For you, my readers:

First off, thank you for visiting my page here whether you found it from one of my personal social media outlets or by Google or somewhere else, thank you for spending your time here. I know it’s not much, but I have been trying to upload more especially the ones from before that I lost from switching web hosting sites. There are no ads on my page, its really more of a portfolio to share my travel stories with mostly friends and family who are interested in what I’ve been up to lately.  I make absolutely Zero Dollars from this website, it is all driven by my own personal passion to share this in a public forum. Please respect my work and photographs, all are of my property unless otherwise stated. If you found anything useful from here, leave a comment or a kind donation of any denomination found in the Contact link above.


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